Product Catalogue

Take your product presentation to the next level

Free up your time!

How often do you find yourself looking for updated photos and information about your products?

How many times have your colleagues, clients or creative agencies asked you to send missing materials?

We know that looking for them can sometimes be time-consuming and problematic,

that's why we have created software that will provide you, your colleagues and customers with huge time savings thanks to constant access to the product database and files from any device, any place and at any time.

Up-to-date content

Update your on-line product database
in a matter of seconds.

Multimedia design

Present your product in an attractive way with videos.

Eco-friendly approach

Show your customers that you are eco-friendly and do not waste paper.

Economical approach

Do not print out catalogues that
need to be updated frequently.

Modular design

Adapt the catalogue to your needs by adding extra features.


Prepare attractive quotations
for your customers in
a matter of minutes,
even during the meeting!

File database

Share up-to-date packshots, logos and fonts
to whoever you want, whenever you want.
You decide what your customers
can browse and download.

Presentation creator

Create instant presentations
on products and news.

Rich Content

Make your product stand
out with visually
appealing dedicated
product pages.

QR codes

Generate QR codes for each
product and place them anywhere
to redirect the customers
to the product page.

Notification module

Create your customer base
and automatically send them information
about new products on offer.

Customers who use our solutions:

Johnnie Walker


Frequently asked questions

We offer two models of cooperation, depending on your company's needs. We provide comprehensive product catalogue management. We arrange a professional product photoshoot, upload all the materials on the platform and take care of their regular updating. However, if one of your employees can take care of this - no problem! In that case, we can provide you with an easy-to-use CMS and train your employee how to operate it.

Products can be uploaded to the catalogue manually or imported collectively from an xls file.

No, the product catalogue is a global solution. The default language version is English, but other languages can be added as well.

The quotation and and presentation creator modules allow to create a product presentation or a quotation in a matter of minutes, even during a meeting with your customer. The layout of quotations and presentations is consistent with the visual identity of your company. With a couple of clicks, you select from the catalogue the products you want to include in your quotation or presentation and the recipient receives a modern, multimedia page presenting the advantages of your products, with the option to save it as a pdf, xls or ppt file. In addition, you can see whether the recipient has opened your quotation or presentation and you can supervise the completion of the deal.

The quotation module can communicate with your system to keep your product prices and stocks up to date. You can also update prices by uploading them from an xls file.

The file database module is designed for managing a variety of files used for marketing purposes, including logos, fonts, packshots, documents or graphic designs. The module has 3 levels of access and a range of functionalities, including password-protecting files, setting an expiry date for shared links, or adding tags and comments to files, making it suitable also as a tool for approving materials prepared by team members or marketing agencies.

"The module has 3 levels of access:
For you - You have access to all the materials available on the platform. You can preview, upload, download or delete them.
For your customers - You can grant access to the entire catalogue or individual materials to your customers - you decide what your customers can preview and download.
For marketing agencies - Marketing agencies you work with can not only preview and download the graphic files they need for work, but also upload finished materials."

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